Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 26

writinginpublicWow. Big day today.

Up at 8am, grabbed breakfast, and then out the door to get a small moving van. Movers arrived at 9:30, and before 11 everything I owned was loaded up. By noon, everything was in the new apartment. Not unpacked, mind you – ¬†but the old place is cleaned, emptied, and I’m installed.

Phew. ūüôā

The rest of the day was mostly devoted to trying to play catch up on my NaNoWriMo word count. I’ve only got until Sunday night to finish, you see – but I work the 3-11 shift this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! So I’ve got limited hours, after today. Which meant really trying to crank through word count today. (more…)

Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 25

writinginpublicCrazy busy day today. Still got the writing in!

Woke up and got rolling a little later than I would have liked. Woke up, checked email, sort of played on the internet for a little bit. Grabbed some food. And then plowed into my housework. I’m moving to a somewhat smaller apartment, you see. So today was all about downsizing. Got rid of a bunch of stuff. Packed up a lot of the rest. Worked from about 11am until around 4pm, when I suddenly realized I’d skipped lunch, and I was starving.

At which point it was time to stop for the day. I went and grabbed dinner with SO. and watched an episode of Game of Thrones together. After that, I got started on writing, feeling much refreshed. I got in a thousand words, took a break for a little bit to catch up on some reading. And then hit the Raven story again, for another thousand words. It’s coming along, but I’m still not as far along with the rewrite as I was with the original story, and I’m really starting to look forward to breaking new ground on this one. Her voice is starting to come through – which is what I really love about first person, how you’re able to give the character’s voice so much focus.

Should hit fresh stuff tomorrow or the next day, which will be awesome!


Fiction words for the day: 2000      Fiction words for November: 34,000

Blog Words today: 249    Blog Words for November: 9861

Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 24

writinginpublicToday was a no-writing day. Instead, today was all about the kids.

Off in the morning, intent on seeing a movie – which wasn’t out yet. The kids were sort of bummed, but we decided we’d shoot for the movie next week instead. I was secretly not really sad – because the movie they wanted to see was the silly penguins of Madagascar thing. It will be funny. I hope.

Went off to Friendly’s for lunch. Also for planning. Needed to figure out something AWESOME to do. And we came up with some good ideas. We hit the Boston Aquarium IMAX for a 3D viewing of “Lemurs of Madagascar”. Had to get Madagascar in there somewhere, I suppose. ūüėČ

The kids loved the film. After that, we jetted over to Lego Discovery World. Basically a big indoor playground with a Lego theme. Rides. Climbing area. Lego classes. Movies. Spent the rest of the afternoon there.

Like I said, a no-writing day. Was too tired after all that to really get any concentrated writing time in. But it was a GOOD day, anyway.


Fiction words for the day: 0      Fiction words for November: 32,000

Blog Words today: 203    Blog Words for November: 9612

Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 23

writinginpublicI only got in another hundred words today on the Arthur story.

I hit a snag after that. I’m rather out of outline. Long term, I have some great ideas about where the story is going to go. But I was having a terrible time working out where I wanted it to get in the short term – like this one next episode, and the one after. So I decided to take a couple of days off, and work on something different.

I stalked through old projects, and came across one which I liked. It’s about a character named Raven (no last name yet) who lives in the same universe as Ryan Blackwell (from the Blackwell Magic series – By Darkness Revealed and Ashes Ascendant). The world is one where magic exists, and nasty creatures of magic exist, but they stick to the shadows – and most people don’t know about them. Ryan has magic of his own, and uses it to defend himself and others.

Raven doesn’t have any magic. She’s a doctor. She’s pretty much a normal person, who is smacked in the face with the reality of the world through an accident of fate. The rest of the story is about what she does after she learns that everything she thought she knew about magic and monsters was wrong.

It’s a cool storyline, and I had plans for a big serial. I never got far, and reading the manuscript over today, I saw why. It was written in third person, but that’s too distant for this sort of story. I want to be in the character’s head. After reading it, I could see how the distance was hurting the story. Intuitively, I stepped away after writing the first couple thousand words – I knew something was wrong, back then, but didn’t know what.

So today, I took the story and started working on it again. Actually, I *redrafted* it, from start to finish, a total rewrite in first person. Now the reader sits squarely inside Raven’s head while she tells her story. I like the new version much more.

Between the reading, and the analyzing, I ate up a good chunk of my day. After that was done I got into the rewrite. Got about 2000 words in before calling it quits for the day.

Fiction words for the day: 2100      Fiction words for November: 32,000 (200 words into 5th Arthur, 2000 words done on Raven)

Blog Words today: 407    Blog Words for November: 9409

Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 22

writinginpublicHad an awesome writing day today. Finished episode four, and got cranking on the 5th. The morning and afternoon were periods of work broken up by periods of play. I got up – lazy morning, after a long work night. Checked email and played around on the internet for a little while. Then I got into some word count, got about a thousand words done before lunch. Had a nice meal. Went on to do more words. Took a break after another thousand to read for a bit. Then another 1500 or so words. Around 6pm I went out with SO, and headed downtown to watch Mockingjay.

Which was REALLY nicely done. I can think of a few spots which seemed a little rough. But overall, the movie captured the book quite well. Incidentally, the music is stunning, and as soon as it’s available (can buy it overseas already, but not here? argh!) I’ll be snagging a copy. “The Hanging Tree” is particularly haunting, and Jennifer Lawrence has a great voice.

Happy with those days when I get above 3k words done. Hopefully I will have more of them than not, soon!

Fiction words for the day: 3600      Fiction words for November: 29,900 (15100 into the 4th episode, done, 100 words into 5th)

Blog Words today::214     Blog Words for November: 9002