Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 2

Word for the day: Ouch.

Pulled something in my back. I suspect an intercostal muscle is the culprit, but hard to say for sure. The result is a steady dose of ibuprofen, followed with some naproxen at bedtime. Still managed to get a little writing in before work. Believe it or not, filling a sock with a bag of instant rice, heating the sock in the microwave, and then applying the resulting warm compress to your back CAN make sitting up and writing with a pulled back muscle a bearable experience.

Bearable doesn’t really mean fun, of course. But hey, nothing like delving into a fantasy world to take your mind off your aches and pains, right? (more…)

Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 0

dark swordsmanHey folks! Been a while since I did a lot with this blog. Life’s been busy, but there HAS been some writing in there. The first couple of episodes of the Arthur and Zombies serial are done – just did 2300 words today, finishing off an episode of the story. It’s going to be a fun read, and I hope you enjoy it.

Writing Tech: Samsung Tab Pro and Apple iPad Mini

IPadminiBlackI’m more or less always on the lookout for cool new bits of tech to use in my writing. I have a pebble watch that I can use to control the music player on my phone, which in turn can be connected to either a bluetooth earbud or a portable Jawbone speaker.

I also like writing on the go. So I’ve pretty much always had something handy to write when I am not sitting at my desk. In fact, I get a good chunk of my work done when NOT sitting at the big PC on my desk. I find I am often too distracted there.

I’ve used a Chromebook before. I’ve written on a laptop. I extensively used my old iPad2 for writing, for a long time. But that one is aging now, and I was looking for something different. (more…)

NYT Can’t Get It Right: Amazon and Hachette

Gatekeepers?So I read the NYT article on the Amazon and Hachette SNAFU, and it was too good to pass up. There’s just too much nonsense written into this blatant attack piece. From the opening image – a piranha with the Amazon smile – on through the text, it’s one slam on Amazon after another.

Except, of course, that the writer (Bob Kohn) has no clue what he is talking about. (more…)