Writing in Public, Too: Month 2, Day 3

writinginpublicSomething I thought I probably ought to clear up – technically, I guess this ought to be month four, not month two. I did this before – over a year ago, shortly after Dean Wesley Smith started his “Writing in Public” series. I managed to maintain it for a month, then sort of fell apart shortly into the second month.

I’m rather hoping to do better this time! 🙂

So I’m into day three now. Spent some time in the morning managing some edits on an existing work, and then re-read the entire fourth episode of the King of the Dead serial. I found I was having to go back to it often, so it seemed better to just read it and get it back in my head. I’ve got two more episodes to write to finish this first season.

I got 500 words done in the afternoon, after all that. Then out to some appointments.

Dinner and an episode of Game of Thrones in the evening, followed by… Photoshop!


Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 18

writinginpublicToday was AWESOME.

I started off the day relaxed, checking some emails, catching up on news. Showered. Dressed. Tidied the house a bit, and took the trash out. Then I got cracking on the writing. I put in a thousand words before taking a break to watch an episode of “The 100”, which seems on track to mess up the lives of all of the main characters. Going to be interesting to see how they write their way out of it.

Had lunch. Then back to work again, and got another 1500 words in, taking breaks now and again. It seems like that helps – to try for 500-600 words, then get up, walk around a bit, do something else, check email – and then get back into it again.

SO got home from work late, and I had a nice dinner prepared. We ate, and got down to our respective tasks again. I got in another 1500 words before calling it a night. Overall, a really nice work day – 4000 words is the best I’ve done in a single day in quite a while. I’m really happy with it, and really happy with how my writing is building up over time.

Which is a nice segue into what I wanted to talk about today: discipline in writing. (more…)

Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 16

writinginpublicUp at a decent hour this morning. Made some coffee, and hit my email, which had been somewhat ignored the day prior. After catching up a bit, and continuing to comment on a couple of interesting industry threads I’ve been participating in (one on ethics, another on productivity), I started in on publishing business stuff. Specifically, I put up requests for ARC reviewers in a couple of locations.

The first episode of the Arthurian saga will be coming out next month. I’m actually a bit behind where I ought to be, in terms of finding potential readers for “advanced reader copies” (ARCs). The idea is simple, and the publishing business has been using it for ages: send copies to reviewers in exchange for a review. Used to be, one knew who all the likely reviewers were. They worked for magazines that ran reviews of your sort of book. If you were publishing a science fiction novel, you knew just which ‘zines would cover your book with reviews. And you probably knew who the reviewers were that worked for those magazines.

Today, lots of things have changed. (more…)

Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 15

writinginpublicGot in a burst of writing today before taking off for work. I seem to be doing less well with the morning writing than I’d have liked. On the one hand, I feel very accomplished through the day – because I’ve already done my writing before I have to jet out to work. I’m not having that nagging in the back of my head all day long. On the flip side, I find myself REALLY wishing I could be back writing, while I am at work. So it’s not 100% effective. And I’m not finishing as much in the morning as I’d like.

But I’ll ramp that up in the days and weeks ahead. 🙂 (more…)

Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 4

Had a great day today! Up, breakfast of yogurt (raspberry with one of those packs of chocolate shavings on top to pour in). Then I was out the door around 10am to go to soccer with the kids. Got to play with them some, and watch them play. Always a good time.

One of them managed to step into something the dog left behind, shortly before departing. That put off plans for a little while, but we bustled off to Target. I carried her  up to a shopping cart, plopped her inside for a ride, and zipped inside. A short while later, she had pink winter boots with fluffy tops that she fell in love with instantly. She approved because they are pink, and have a fluffy top. I approved because they have a good snow-proof liner around the front, so they’ll keep her feet warm and dry this winter.

Writing Tech: Samsung Tab Pro and Apple iPad Mini

IPadminiBlackI’m more or less always on the lookout for cool new bits of tech to use in my writing. I have a pebble watch that I can use to control the music player on my phone, which in turn can be connected to either a bluetooth earbud or a portable Jawbone speaker.

I also like writing on the go. So I’ve pretty much always had something handy to write when I am not sitting at my desk. In fact, I get a good chunk of my work done when NOT sitting at the big PC on my desk. I find I am often too distracted there.

I’ve used a Chromebook before. I’ve written on a laptop. I extensively used my old iPad2 for writing, for a long time. But that one is aging now, and I was looking for something different. (more…)