Challenge Day 3

Lots of dictation today! It was gorgeous out. Bright sun, no rain, and not too much wind. I got in a bunch of good walks, and 5104 new words, which is another step forward. Made 16,920 steps, which is great. I’m way ahead there.

I need to wrap this book up within seven more days, which might be a challenge. But I have fans dying to get their hands on it! The title I’m working on a tentatively titled “Boldly Go”, and it is the eleventh book in the Starship Satori series. It’s the set of books my readers seem to enjoy most, so I want to get it finished and out to them as quickly as I can.

What about after that?

There are nine other books I need to write this summer, after all! Well, two of them will be to complete a trilogy. The first book from that series is already done but not released. The plan will be to rapid release the entire trilogy in short order. I’m producing those books with LMBPN Publishing, what will be the first of hopefully many joint ventures.

The other seven books? I want to write “Ghost Fleet” to finish that sequence, and I need to get the fifth and final Valhalla Online book done as well.

Book 12 of the Satori series has to be on the list, too. It’s going to be called “Warrior’s Marque”, and brings Andrew Wakefield into the spotlight for the first time.

That still leaves four more books! At least one of them will be a nonfiction book for writers. Maybe two. The other two books? Maybe another book from one of the Dragon Earth series? Or another Satori novel? I’m not sure yet.

If you read my books, what would you like to see next? Let me know. Above all else, I’m here for my readers, to tell them stories they’ll love.

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