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Cover for the new serial SF story.


Starship Episode 1: Ad Astra

“Ad Astra” launches STARSHIP, fresh episodic fiction from award-winning author Kevin O. McLaughlin. The first season of five episodes, released weekly, will carry the reader through a single novel-length adventure from Earth to the stars, and from broken spirits to humanity’s unlikely heroes.

If life knocked you down, would you risk everything you had left to reach for the stars?

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Starship Episode 2: Gravity

Betrayed by a friend, the Satori’s crew scrambles to save the starship – and each other. But as danger continues to explode around them, their prospects for a return home have never been more bleak.

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Starship Episode 3: Legacy

Beth is dying, and Dan takes the only course he can see that might save her life. His actions hurtle the crew of the Satori beyond our solar system. What they find when they exit the wormhole stuns them all. But even as they begin to unravel the mysteries they have found, it is what finds them that might change everything…!

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Starship Episode 4: Revelation

The crew of the Satori struggles with a first contact going horribly wrong. Aboard the ship, Dan and Beth strive to rescue their friends from the trap the ruins have become, while Andy does his best to keep the team on the ground alive. But none of them can envision the full horror of what they are facing…

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