1/4 ROW80 Check In

And check in number one.
A Round of Words in 80 days has twice weekly check ins, where everyone posts what they\’ve done in the few days since the last check in. I\’m thinking I need a new blog for this stuff, and might go grab one so it\’s not mixing up my regular blog. We\’ll see.
To date for this year?
1/1 1243 words and WIP converted over to Scrivener.
1/2 (official start of the ROW80 round) 1074 words.
1/3 No new words.
1/4 2068 words. Plus a MAJOR renovation to the blog that I\’m quite happy with.
So far, I\’m actually sitting ahead of goal a little bit, which is a minor miracle seeing as how I\’m still at the in-laws, still in Boston, and still taking the kids out for excursions to places like the Boston Museum of Science (that was today – awesome traveling exhibit on Pompeii). Also still sick, and the bug has me tired out and is trying to move into my lungs, but I\’m battling it best I can. The continuing saga of one Ryan Blackwell are proceeding apace, and the words are flowing well.
Going to bed now. Stuck it out long enough to get the words in and get the blog post up, but I\’m tired!

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