Just in – Ebooks now outselling paper on B&N.com

According to a Huffington Post article, Barnes & Nobles has just announced that they are now selling more ebooks than print books from their website.  B&N apparently sold over one million ebooks on Christmas day alone.  Also, both B&N.com and Amazon have announced that the Nook and Kindle (respectively) are now their best-selling items ever, outselling even the last Harry Potter novel.
Wow.  Just…wow.

I said earlier in the year that holiday sales of ereaders was going to cause massive acceleration in ebook sales early this year, and it looks like that\’s already proving true.  Really, we\’re seeing this happen faster than anyone had predicted.  It\’s simply amazing.  I look at my little Kindle there, and I know that I have access to just about any book I want, whenever I want it.  Just crazy.  But fun.  🙂  Looking forward to seeing some of my stuff up there too, this year!

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