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Having trouble figuring out book format, terminology, typefaces, etc.? Want to know about some of the perils and pitfalls to avoid in designing a good book? I was directed to this site by a tweet from The Passive Voice (another great blog to follow, incidentally, regarding the publishing business in general). Take a look.
Some great articles there. The one on 7 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Book Design is pertinent for many self publishers. But there\’s a collection of other articles there, including a nice one on fonts, and another which walks you through print book terminology, which can be very helpful.

Worth taking a look at, folks!

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  1. Hi Kevin,I just read the discussion you were in on LinkedIn re self-publishing v vanity. You made this whole issue clearer to me than anyone else in years. You also mentioned that you do pro art/cover design. I’m looking to self-publish my first novel (I’ve written 2 more since then) as an ebook and POD to sell online only. I’m having it typeset right now. Please tell me re your cover design services. Cheers.

    1. Right now, I just do my own, Fran. In the future I might do some for other folks, but I want my own skills up to par first. For example, I’m really not as thrilled with the short story cover for “Font of Forgiveness” as I could be. On the other hand, the cover I’ve finally settled on for the novel “By Darkness Revealed” looks great – although even it required a second pass after getting the proof back from the printer. So I’m getting there, and might do covers for hire at some point.
      My previous art experience was in 3D computer gaming – textures and models for computer games. Although I had some design coursework in college, and have done some art for ad layouts or periodicals, books are enough different that there’s a serious learning curve. I wouldn’t want to be selling my efforts if I was producing work I felt wasn’t high enough quality.

      That said, I’m happy to pass out tips based on my own experiences with the learning process. =)

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