Writing in Public, Too: Day 8 – Edits

\"writinginpublic\"Little bit of a change of pace today.
I went out early and got grocery shopping done. While I was shopping, I was listening to a podcast: the guys from the Self Publishing Podcast were interviewing Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Rusch. I\’m only about halfway through the \’cast, but it has been AWESOME so far! My favorite podcast and two favorite bloggers, all rolled into one. Can\’t beat that!

If you\’d like to check it out, I can\’t recommend it enough.

My wife was out today from about 10:30am until 6:30pm, at a meeting for Arisia convention staff. Arisia is a Boston fandom con (SF&F) run every January, and she\’s on the staff. In fact, this year, she\’s the \”Timelord\” – the person in charge of tracking scheduling stuff and making sure things are happening/getting done on schedule.

I mean, c\’mon – \”Timelord of Arisia\”? There aren\’t a lot of titles better than that! (grin)

So she\’s out for the day, leaving me with the munchkins. Which was good. Got to help them with their homeschooling a little. R is working on math: clocks and coins (she\’s seven). She\’s learning about telling time on an analog clock, which is tough because there really aren\’t a lot of analog clocks anymore. She gets digital time pretty well, but converting back and forth between digital and analog was giving her some trouble. So we spent some time working on that.

I also replied to some fascinating discussions on LinkedIn and the Kindleboards Writer\’s Cafe. Lot of stuff happening… Writers wondering what\’s up with the Oyster ebook library, and why Smashwords is being so tight-lipped about how their distribution to that platform will work. (My theory is Mark Coker has been required to keep hush about terms because of the contract, and that he wouldn\’t have signed Smashwords up unless the deal was a good one.) Some interesting chats about Google Books and the copyright lawsuit against them on LinkedIn, too.

The big deal for me today, writing wise, was that the Starship Episode 5 edits were in. So I spent most of the afternoon working in chunks on getting those edits taken care of. A lot of good changes to the manuscript, and I finished them all. Now the episode goes off for a final edit, and then it\’ll be ready for publication.

If anyone reading this has been sitting around waiting on that episode, I apologize profusely for the delay. I hope you\’ll feel this story is worth the wait.

I\’ll also be producing a compiled version of the first five episodes, so if you haven\’t started the series yet, stay tuned. Both episode 5 and the compilation ought to be out this month.

Susan (my wife) got home shortly after we\’d sat down for dinner. It had been a long day for her, too. We were both pretty tired. She went upstairs after dinner to read for a bit, while I finished the last of the edits. Around 9pm, I was done, and we sat down for the season finale of the TV series we\’ve been watching on Netflix.

Then I popped over to the computer, and hammered out another 45 minutes on the Ashes Ascendant manuscript. Got 1100 words done, which wasn\’t bad at all – I figured today for a zero-words day, after all the editing, but the story is pushing ahead at a good clip at this point. The pace is picking up, like I said before, so my writing pace was excellent tonight.

And off to bed now, since work tomorrow means an early morning for me!


Totals for Day 8

Daily Fiction Wordcount: 1100 words    Month to date fiction: 13850 words

Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 618 words    Month to date blog posts: 5556 words

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