Writing in Public, Too: Day 9

\"writinginpublic\"Edited form of Starship 5 is back off to the editor. So release will be very, very soon.
The podcast I mentioned in the last blog post rocked, so if you\’re any kind of writer, check it out. Seriously worthwhile.

Was looking at computer stuff today. OK, here\’s the scoop on my computer scenario. I have a pretty nice PC desktop – not screaming fast, but a solid and fairly new machine. I have an iPad that I like writing on sometimes. It\’s a nice general purpose portable computer: some writing, some reading, some internet…great for checking email fast. And I have a Chromebook, which is my travel writing machine. I bring it places when I don\’t want to worry too much about breaking something as expensive as the iPad.

We\’re talking about buying a new PC for homeschooling the kids. I\’m pondering the possibility of instead giving them my desktop, and swapping out for something else. One option I considered was a Surface Pro – which I could use with my desktop monitor and bluetooth keyboard, AND unplug to take along with me places like I do the iPad now. The kids could inherit my desktop AND my iPad. Another option I looked at was a Mac Mini, which is a nice little machine, and would synch naturally with the iPad so I could port writing over quick and easy.

Both have the advantage of being less tempting for loading computer games and similar distractions. I unfortunately bought such a nice desktop that it can run games pretty darned well, and while I am currently avoiding playing them very often, I\’d like to keep it that way. (grin)

I am REALLY tired…so not staying up much longer. My day:

OK – up at 6am, off to work. Got out by 4pm, after a busy day. Going to be a lot of days like that. I got home by 4:30pm, tired, and chatted with Susan and the kids for a while. After resting a bit and checking some emails, we all piled into the car and headed out to the store to get some supplies. The kids are starting soccer soon – all three of them. There\’s a local team for 5-7 year olds, so all of them get to play this year, and all on the same team. They\’re really looking forward to it. But we needed new sneakers for one, shin guards for all three, and a third soccer ball. Picked up all of that and some other odds and ends, and didn\’t get home until around 7:30 – which meant dinner was frozen pizza and reheated leftovers. Not the dinner of champions, but the kids needed something quick, and we were all getting a little tired.

After dinner, headed back up to my computer, and hammered out some words. A break to finish clearing my emails, and then some more writing. Then an episode of TV with my wife after the kids were in bed. I\’d been thinking about doing a little more writing after, but frankly, I think I\’m just too tired. So I\’ll settle for the words completed today. It wasn\’t a bad wordcount.


Totals for Day 9

Daily Fiction Wordcount: 1500 words    Month to date fiction: 15350 words

Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 543 words    Month to date blog posts: 6099 words

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