Writing in Public, Too: Day 14

\"writinginpublic\"All three of our kids have their own laptops. Not great or fancy laptops, mind; but they have something they can work and play on. I think it\’s important for them to become computer literate at a young age, so we\’ve prioritized their having regular access. One of the girls uses my old laptop as a hand-me-down. It\’s a good machine – was a GREAT machine when I bought it – but it\’s starting to fail now, so passing it on seemed like a good plan. Except now it\’s starting to have enough issues that it\’s interfering with her Minecraft sessions (crashed every time she tried to play) which is UNACCEPTABLE behavior from her computer.
So I went to the store this morning, and brought home a new laptop for her. A decent HP, low end model but OK specs.

Unfortunately, she hates the trackpad. It\’s one of the ones with the textured surface, and she is very touch sensitive. Little bumps under her finger drove her nuts today when she tried to use the thing. She\’s seven, so this sort of thing is a Big Deal.  (grin)  I suspect I am going back to the store today for a replacement computer.

Spent much of the afternoon talking with my wife about assorted topics, and helping her work on her room a little (closet curtain rod and curtain installed – check!), then helping her prep to head out to a play with friends. Also did some email surfing, and more looking at Facebook than I have in a while. Was fun – found some really awesome links friends and family had posted.

Kids and I stayed home (her turn for a night out while I covered home base) and ordered Domino\’s.

Didn\’t get to do any writing until after dinner. Then I got several sprints in. In between the chunks of writing, I also went looking for some cover art. Specifically thinking about something for the Starship first season compendium and the dark fantasy serial novellas that I\’ll be going back to once Ashes is done. But I also ran into some cool images that will work for a prequel novel for the Blackwell series. Actually, it\’s a prequel novel for a new character who doesn\’t even get introduced until book three – but she\’s an *interesting* character, and I can easily see a prequel being worth doing.

Tomorrow, the plan is to do some more work on Ashes Ascendant, but also plow through as much of the Starship 5 edit as possible. Want to get that work out ASAP!


Totals for Day 14

Daily Fiction Wordcount: 2000 words    Month to date fiction: 18900 words

Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 447 words    Month to date blog posts: 8020 words

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