Writing in Public, Too: Day 16 – Past the halfway mark.

\"writinginpublic\"Technically, I think I should have written the \”halfway mark\” post yesterday, but I was so motivated to write the bit about motivation that it slipped my mind. (grin)
I realized last night I was coming down with a cold bug – fever and all, last night – so I called in sick to work. This morning, I woke up late and stayed in bed later. The fever was gone, but I still felt like crud. Still, I was up and about a little by late morning. I helped Susan get the girls launched for a girl scout meeting (homeschool troop) by 1pm, and hit my email after that. Worked my way through assorted email and other stuff, played with E (he stayed home with me) and mostly rested.

After dinner, Susan went out with a friend, and I got to work on some writing. The interruption level from the kids was off the charts, though. They wanted to play. Or needed help with a homeschool workbook. Or fighting with a sibling… The reason varied, but they were running in pretty regularly. Every time I tried to write, someone would come in, and the next one would arrive before I was really able to get back into a writing mindset. A little frustrating, so I let myself write a few LinkedIn posts. I don\’t need as much focus for those.

Finally got the kids to bed at 9:30, and hit the writing more intensely. Carried on until 10:30 when Susan got home. Caught up with her, and came in to write this post. Still feeling yucky, so I\’m going to bed soon. I\’m borderline feverish again, but really can\’t afford another day off work (much as I might like to!). So it\’s better to get an earlier night and try to kick this bug.


I\’m officially over the edge of halfway now. I\’ve finished 16 days of this little experiment. What\’s gone on?

I\’ve managed to write every day this month except one; and that one, I still blogged, so I was still actively engaged in thinking about writing, even if I didn\’t get new words in.

I\’ve managed to stay more or less on track for word-count. I\’d really RATHER be producing 2k+ words a day of new fiction, but I said going in I was counting the blog words too. So I\’m OK with about 32k words at day 16. That\’s pretty precisely on target, in fact. The blog words count because the blog is the tool to keep me on track, to keep me accountable, and to keep me motivated so that I continue producing new fiction words daily.

Tomorrow, I\’m back to work, and back to writing in the evening. See you then!



Totals for Day 16

Daily Fiction Wordcount: 1000 words    Month to date fiction: 21900 words

Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 474 words    Month to date blog posts: 10005 words

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