Writing in Public, Too: Day 20

\"writinginpublic\"Another sick day. Hopefully the last! I woke around 9am, and spent a rather lazy morning. Hung out with Susan for a while, read a little bit. Checked my email, and made eggs for lunch around 12:30. Still felt terrible all morning. The fever seemed mostly gone, but the bug was moving into my lungs and sinuses. Darn thing. Haven\’t been sick for this long from one illness in a LONG time. This one really hit me hard.
After lunch, I alternated naps with some email, light reading, and a little work on the edits for Starship 5. Hoping to finish those this weekend, get it out for a final copy edit.

By 6pm, the kids were getting hungry. I got up from a nap and made everyone dinner, then lay back down again. Lungs were not feeling so bad anymore, but my head felt stuffed with cotton, and my nose was just as bad. I found it very hard to concentrate on much of anything.

Around 9pm I realized that if I was going to get any words done today, I needed to get cracking. So I got up, and get writing. Managed to make some decent progress despite having to take regular breaks, which was great. Two thousand words done.

Had a good time reading some neat articles on writing in quantity, too. Gives me some good drive toward being able to do the same. I know writers who are regularly turning out 4k-8k words a day, every day. I\’d love to reach that point myself. It seems like a good goal to shoot for. But my feeling is that it\’s something like training for running. You don\’t start off doing five mile runs if you\’ve never done any running before. You build up to that. So over time, I\’d like to continue improving my daily output. But I have time to make that happen. 😉

Off to bed now, and more work in the morning. With a little luck and a lot of work, maybe I can finish Ashes this weekend. If not, I think I\’ll be fairly close. I\’m about eight to twelve scenes away, at this point.


Totals for Day 20

Daily Fiction Wordcount: 2000 words    Month to date fiction: 24900 words

Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 382 words    Month to date blog posts: 11918 words

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