Writing in Public, Too: Day 21

\"writinginpublic\"Didn\’t wake up til around 9am. Still felt groggy and tired. Stayed in bed checking email and generally surfing the internet while feeling cruddy until around 11am. Then up, got a little housework done, fed myself and the munchkins lunch. Susan had left in the early AM hours for an Arisia meeting – she\’s the Timelord for the convention this year (as in, keeper of the project schedules and such, but that really IS the title, which is just cool).
Then upstairs, where I spent the afternoon alternating between keeping the kids occupied, finishing email answering, keeping the kids from killing each other, and writing. Also had a nap in there somewhere in the late afternoon. I got about five hundred words in on \”Ashes Ascendant\”, and hit some sort of snag. Kept avoiding the writing to do something else. So I picked up another writing project for a bit, and got 2k words in there. Finished off the afternoon with some editing on Starship.

Then dinner for the kids and I – Susan wasn\’t due home for hours yet. The kids went back to playing, and I went back to editing, followed by a bit more work on Ashes. Around 8pm, took a brief nap (still feeling massively congested and coughing a bunch now, too), and woke up a bit after 9pm when Susan returned home. Packed the kids into bed, and then watched a pair of episodes of Lost Girl with Susan.

She went off to tuck in a youngster who was having trouble getting to sleep, and has yet to return. I\’m tired, and hit about the end of my rope for the writing. All told, not a bad day. Not a banner day for the writing, but one of my best ones this month, anyway, so no complaints! Tomorrow might well see the end of the first draft for \”Ashes\”. Two more chapters left to go. I\’m basically at climax and denouement.

I\’ve got the rough cover design done for \”Ashes Ascendant\”, too. I\’ll post the final here once it\’s complete.



Totals for Day 21

Daily Fiction Wordcount: 4000 words    Month to date fiction: 28900 words

Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 366 words    Month to date blog posts: 12284 words

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