Writing in Public, Too: Month 2, Day 7

\"writinginpublic\"Phew. Long day at work, but I DID use lunch break effectively today – got a bunch of email checked and got in about 200 words of fiction as well.
I\’m working with a new workflow, and it seems to be going well so far. At work – or anywhere else I am \”on the go\” – I am using an iPad app called Textilus. Textilus plays nicely with Dropbox, and also saves/reads RTF files – crucial, since that format retains cool stuff like bolds, italics, and other formatting. Using Textilus on the iPad means I can save my work there, upload to Dropbox, and then open it on my desktop PC at home, and just edit the RTF in Libre Office. This is a really good combination for me, since I vastly prefer using Libre Office to Google Docs… When I was doing the Chromebook traveling thing, I had to synch via Google Drive (not hard) and pretty much needed to use Google Docs on the desktop PC as well – annoying since resizing the text on my PC to be visible on my nice, big monitor created a graphical glitch in the cursor that was annoying.

I dealt with it, but the new system is pretty nice. Not saying I won\’t ever use the Chromebook again, but typing on the iPad\’s glass keyboard or my Logitech keyboard makes for a good writing experience, and being able to seamlessly integrate my work on that device with my desktop is awesome.

So, after getting home, I…basically played with the kids, and helped with homeschooling some. Susan went out for dinner with a friend, and I didn\’t have time or energy for much writing early on. But after we got the kids to bed, I hit the story again. It\’s been a slow writing night. I kept bouncing off task to go do something else. Anything else. Surf forums, look at boats online, all sorts of stuff.

And after a couple of hours, I had managed another thousand words. Not huge. But not bad, and better than last night. I expect tomorrow will be better again.


Totals for Day 7

Daily Fiction Wordcount: 1200 words    Month to date fiction: 1700 words

Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 372 words    Month to date blog posts: 1547 words

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