Writing in Public, Too: Month 2, Day 9

\"writinginpublic\"Really tired today, so this will likely be short.
Long day at work, lot going on, extra long work shift and no real break for lunch (sat down for ten minutes to wolf down a sandwich, but no writing time).

Got home, got a quick rundown on the day from Susan, and took a longish nap. I was pretty wiped out. She went out with a friend later, and I took care of the kids through the evening, but really didn\’t have the energy for any writing.

Managed to get fired up enough to get 500 words in later on, after the kids were in bed, which is about all I have time for tonight – have to be up in less than six hours again, at this point. And I have a dental appointment tomorrow, so I\’ll be home even later than usual. On the plus side, Friday is a day off – so I get to sleep in, catch up on rest, and maybe do a little catch-up on word count, too. 🙂

See you then.


Totals for Day 9

Daily Fiction Wordcount: 500 words    Month to date fiction: 3200 words

Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 197 words    Month to date blog posts: 1983 words

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