Writing in Public, Too: Month 2, Day 18

\"writinginpublic\"It\’s been a rotten week.
No, really. I mean, one of those weeks you sort of wish could just be eradicated from memory, if not from the space-time continuum.

Despite the fact that I\’m still not really feeling up to doing any writing, I made myself sit down and get some work done today. I had the day off – if you call escorting someone to the hospital for some tests, then shopping with the kids, then picking someone back up again \”off\” – so I was really out of excuses.

Also off this weekend, so I am hoping to get more done.

But it\’s HARD, right now. Hard to sit down and put the mental energy into writing. So I\’m pretty satisfied with the amount of work done. In the long run, succeeding at my writing is probably my best chance to solve at least some of the issues I\’ve been faced with. So being stuck in a pattern of not getting anything done is simply not going to do.

Wrote 3k words today. Re-read the old opening I had written to \”Dead in Winter\”, the third Blackwell novel. It was about 5k words, written right after \”By Darkness Revealed\”. And there were a couple of noteworthy things:

– I hadn\’t planned on writing \”Ashes Ascendant\” when I wrote it, so there is a lot of filler there that Ashes already dealt with.

– The writing was terrible. 😉 No – I mean REALLY BAD. Wow. Nice to know I\’ve gotten better, anyway!


I read it over, absorbed where I was going with the material… And then I scrapped all of it, and started fresh. The newer text is much, much better.

More to come soon!


Totals for Day 18

Daily Fiction Wordcount: 3000 words    Month to date fiction: 6200 words

Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 304 words    Month to date blog posts: 2287 words

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