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\"starshipWriting Update

Had a decent writing day today. Despite a lot of other things going on, I managed to get in 2300 words. That\’s not bad! If I can do 2k a day, that\’s 700k or so in a year, well beyond my goal. Always good to get a little extra in when I can, though, because I know there will be some days when I just can\’t.


Quick Change to the 2014 Goals

I got some excellent advice from friend and fellow writer Rayne Hall regarding those goals I set the other day. She suggested I break up my goals into three month segments. So instead of having 480k words in a year – which even with my 20k a month minimum could see me going into November with 280k words left to finish! – she\’s suggesting I break the year up into four chunks, and focus on each one.

For March 31st, I\’ll be doing 120k words, and at least 6 titles launched, at least one per month.

When the end of March rolls around, I\’ll re-assess. If I made that goal too easily, then I\’ll increase it. If I\’m nowhere near, then maybe I can drop it down a bit. Adjust fire based on how things are looking. But most important of all, I will have to push NOW to get goals done with a (self imposed) deadline that is looming a lot closer than the end of the year!

I think that will be useful.

Starship News!

Starship Episode 5 is out, and available on most major retailers. This episode wraps up the initial season – and comes together with a fairly tidy conclusion, although I\’ve definitely left room for future episodes. Actually, I\’ve already started blocking out the plot for Episode 6.

I am thinking about the length of the Starship episodes. The last set were 12-15k words per episode. I\’m considering increasing them to 20-30k words long – which would probably mean I was going for 3-4 in a season, rather than 5 or 6. I\’m unsure whether this would confuse readers more, or be better for readers. I\’d love to hear feedback about what format you\’d prefer to see this serial in.

Speaking of compilations, the compiled novel for Starship 1-5 is also out! And it\’s available in print and ebook. Check it out! The print version came out very nicely – incredibly pleased with the look and feel of the book.

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