Ride-Along-Writing (and Dead Britannia!)


I\’m officially launching my first Kickstarter on April 27th. It will run for 30 days, and if it\’s funded, it\’ll kick off a fiction writing adventure for me and every reader who\’s signed on with the project!

\"MP900398805\"Ride Along Writing

Amtrak offered writers a free ride back in March – a \”Writer\’s Residence\”, a few days on a train to write in an intense, focused way. A lot of enthusiastic writers applied for those spots.

Because its such an awesome idea, I decided to follow some advice and  \”pick myself\” to go write on a train! But because I am always trying to take things just one step further, I had to wonder – is there anything else I could do to up the stakes a bit?

Beat the Clock Writing

When I applied for an Amtrak residency, I offered to write a book – an entire novel – in one train ride. Three days, one ride, one book. It would be a push to write that much, but I\’ve written about that fast before. I could do it again. I thought I would leave that train with a new book done, and Amtrak would get some nice PR from folks interested in reading about writing a whole book in a single train ride.

Live Action Writing

But when I decided not to wait around for Amtrak to pick people, I knew I needed to add something else. I needed to do something to make this trip unique. I needed to do something nobody had done before.

A little brainstorming later, and I had it.

Trains have wifi.

Which means I could ride on a train – and write – and put the work up live on the internet as I was writing it. An entire novel, from outlining through the finished first draft, completed live before an audience in three days.

That was something worth talking about. That was an idea that would involve and engage readers and writers alike. So how to get the word out, and get people on board?

A Kickstarter concept was born.

The Story


King Arthur vs Zombies

What sort of story idea would be TOTALLY AWESOME enough to rock this kind of project?

I write science fiction and fantasy. And I\’ve had this story floating around the back of my head for a while now…

In our world, the Roman Empire fell from both corruption within, and invasions of barbarians without. In some corners of the empire, brave men tried to stave off the decay and disruption. They banded together, fought off the invaders, and spawned a host of legends we still tell today.

One of those legends is King Arthur. The historical Arthur, what we know of him, was some sort of general. A Romano-Briton, a man who led other men in defense of his home and his way of life against invading Saxons.

But in this world, Rome isn\’t falling to invading barbarians.

It\’s been overrun by a plague of the living dead!

The Emperor has fled Rome; the city is in ruins, only the dead remain there. And he\’s fleeing to the one place in the Empire he believes someone might be able to make a stand: the isolated island of Britannia. It\’s a natural fortress. The deathless might never even make it there across the sea. The Emperor believes he can be safe there.

He\’s wrong.

In this world, Arthur will have to defend his home. But not against Saxons, not against human invaders. Here, the threat will be from the ravenous dead. And it\’s not just Roman Britain at risk: as the plague spreads across the world, the fate of all humanity is on the line.

Change the Way You Look at Storytelling

Come ride along with me while I spin a tale for all of our entertainment. Watch how I do everything I do. Have a blast seeing a story spun out from outline through a full first draft.

My hope is that you\’ll never see storytelling the same way again!

Stay tuned – the Kickstarter will be live in on Sunday the 27th.

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