Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 0

\"darkHey folks! Been a while since I did a lot with this blog. Life\’s been busy, but there HAS been some writing in there. The first couple of episodes of the Arthur and Zombies serial are done – just did 2300 words today, finishing off an episode of the story. It\’s going to be a fun read, and I hope you enjoy it.

The working title for the serial is \”Dead Britannia\”, but I have two alternate titles which have been suggested: \”King of the Dead\” and \”Undead Britannia\”. If you like any of the three best, or have another suggestion, I\’d love to hear about it in the comments! Whichever I use, I\’m planning the subtitle: \”Heroes, swords, and zombies!\”

The word \”Zombie\” isn\’t being used in the story. It\’s an early 19th century word, so it would be anachronistic in 420 CE Britain. Instead, the monsters in this tale are called \”revenants\”. But in most other ways, they\’ll closely resemble the critters you\’re used to seeing in The Walking Dead or similar tales. I\’ve added a few tweaks. Of course. 😉

And the big announcement – I\’m back to daily blogging, at least for the month of November! I\’m going to do NaNoWriMo this year, and put out 50,000 additional words of the Arthur/Zombie story, which will complete the first season. I\’ll be talking about my day, about how my writing is going, telling you about any hiccups along the way, and generally giving a look into the life of a writer who\’s ALSO got the rest of life (and work) going on in the background. Because it\’s NaNoWriMo, I\’ll also be giving some tips for other writers along the way.

October 31st word count was about 2300 words, which is solid. November 1st, I kick off a new episode, and start pushing toward my 50k goal – at a pace of about one episode per week. Should be all sorts of fun!

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