Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 2

\"writinginpublic\"Word for the day: Ouch.

Pulled something in my back. I suspect an intercostal muscle is the culprit, but hard to say for sure. The result is a steady dose of ibuprofen, followed with some naproxen at bedtime. Still managed to get a little writing in before work. Believe it or not, filling a sock with a bag of instant rice, heating the sock in the microwave, and then applying the resulting warm compress to your back CAN make sitting up and writing with a pulled back muscle a bearable experience.

Bearable doesn\’t really mean fun, of course. But hey, nothing like delving into a fantasy world to take your mind off your aches and pains, right?

Anyway, got up late. Must have been pretty tired, since I slept in way past the usual hour I\’m up. Read emails and relaxed for a bit (back slowly starting to alert me to increased ouchiness as the morning went on). By lunch, I was starting to get in some writing, with the aid of the aforementioned hot pack. Only got in 640 words, but it\’s progress Monday should be an excellent writing day. Then it was off to work, and by the time I got home at midnight, I was too tired and too sore to really consider adding more words to the total.

In other news, I\’ve been trying Storyist on my iPad Mini as my go-to writing tool, for the past couple of weeks. I am now officially switching back to Textilus, at least until Storyist updates their software. Storyist is a lot like Scrivener. It has outlining tools built in, and keeps all your files for a story in a folder where you can peek at them quickly. For serial novella fiction like I\’m writing, that\’s an AWESOME feature. Textilus, in contrast, is a basic word processing program. It\’s arguably the BEST word processing program available for iPad right now (my opinion, after trying a lot of them), but it doesn\’t have the outlining and organizing functions that make Storyist so nice.

Unfortunately, Storyist is not playing well with my bluetooth keyboard since I updated to iOS 8. I\’m typing this on my iPad mini, using an Apple keyboard and an Incase origami work station, which is a brilliant combination. And when I hook up the bluetooth keyboard, the on screen keyboard drops away. It drops away on Textilus too. It USED to drop away on Storyist. Now, it sits there. And when I manually drop the onscreeen keyboard, it pops back. Often. It\’s very distracting.

It\’s a nasty bug for what is otherwise very nice software. But back to Textilus for me.


And back to a serious writing day tomorrow!

Fiction words today: 640  Fiction words for November: 1610

Blog words today: 434  Blog words for November: 1052


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