Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 7

\"writinginpublic\"I\’m officially behind, effective today. But that\’s ok.
This morning was a bit of a late start. Had a few bits of business to deal with which soaked up my morning, so despite my best intentions, I got started writing after lunch. I put in a couple of writing bursts then, though, and got in a thousand words.

I\’m so close to finishing this episode I can taste the end. Two or three scenes left, I think. It\’s going to wrap up with a cliffhanger, and episode four will start with a bang.

But then it was off to work for me, which means I didn\’t quite finish the episode in a week. So I\’m behind my target, and will have some catching up to do next week. That\’s ok – I\’ll manage!

I wanted to talk briefly about pivoting in the writing business. A pivot is a shift, a change, an adaptation of planning designed to take advantage of changes in the industry. This serial is the first I have written specifically with pivoting in mind.

It\’s an experiment: I\’m writing short serials, which will make less income than longer serials would per sale. At 99 cents each, I make only 35 cents per sale on Amazon. But I make $1.50-2.00 per Kindle Unlimited borrow. So it\’s a test of the KU system to see if putting the stories up this way generates enough KU borrows to be worth writing short, instead of longer episodes I could sell for $2.99 and earn $2 per sale.

But I\’ve built pivoting into the serial. If the KU experiment fails, the episodes are such that I can quickly repackage them into two-episode packs for $2.99. And if later on it proves that only full length works are worth putting out, I will have season packs of six episodes ready to go. This allows me to experiment while maintaining maximum flexibility, so that I can always deliver the story to readers in the mode they\’re most wanting to read it!

Fiction words for the day: 1000 Fiction words for November: 10,200

Blog Words today:: 347 Blog Words for November: 2886

2 thoughts on “Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 7”

  1. Hi, Kevin. I’m intrigued by your idea, and wonder if it might make more sense to treat it as a way of releasing serialized previews of what eventually becomes a full-length (~90k words) novel. 4 or 5 installments of 15k-20k words each, available through KU might work both for generating revenue and as a promotional device for the eventual finished novel. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    1. I definitely agree. And will be producing a compiled form for the first 6 episodes of King of the Dead, once they’re out. 🙂

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