Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 8

\"writinginpublic\"I said yesterday I was behind – today, I\’m even more so. But it was for a good cause…
See, it\’s day 8 of a thirty day challenge, during which I am writing 50,000 words. That\’s about 1666.7 words per day, or about 13,333 words by now. Unfortunately, I got zero words in today, so I\’m a bit behind the curve at only 10,200 words. This week is going to include some catch up!

Today was a day out with the kids. They\’re the good cause. I have three of them, ages 8, 8, and 6, and I don\’t get to spend half as much time with them as I\’d really like to. So the entire day was devoted to them (and tomorrow will be too). We left for our adventures straight after their Christmas Pageant rehearsal, around 10am. From there, it was off to a movie – we saw \”Big Hero 6\”, which was a good film. Not great – a little predictable – but still very worth the time. The kids all loved it, although the youngest got a little scared and sat on my lap the last half hour (once he was there, he cheered through the rest of the movie), and one of the older two was crying a bit at the end. So I wrapped up the movie with one kid on my lap and another tucked under my arm (she cheered up as soon as the conclusion hit – you have to see the movie to see why).

They all loved the movie. Parents, take note.

After that, we went to Chuckie Cheese, one of their favorite play arenas. We ate pizza, and they played games and rode rides and generally made mayhem with dozens of other screaming children until about 4pm, when I started packing us up. We pulled in around five to their mother\’s house, and I went home, too tired to really think about writing. But it was a good sort of tired.

Days like these happen, folks. They\’re important. It\’s easy sometimes to get so wrapped up in your work, whatever that work might be, that you forget the things which are most important. The most important things in life are not money, or things money can buy. They\’re our connections with one another. The most precious gift we can give to someone is our time.

In the end, our time is really all we have. How we choose to spend it defines us.

This was a day well spent.


Fiction words for the day: 0 Fiction words for November: 10,200

Blog Words today:: 422 Blog Words for November: 3308

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