Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 10

\"writinginpublic\"Ten days into NaNoWriMo, and the darned episode is still not done. I think this one is going to be great. The next – well. I\’ve already got some pretty cool plans for the next couple of episodes. Yes, cliffhangers. Yes, fun times. Or not so fun, for the protagonists, but… That\’s how these stories go!
But today was a special kind of awesome. Today I got to meet Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer.

I\’ve talked about Neil a bit in previous blog posts. His \”Make Good Art\” speech is one of the most inspirational things I have ever listened to. Aside from being a good writer, the man quite simply has some amazing things to say about life. So when I found out that he and his wife were meeting in Harvard Square and parading over to the Porter Square bookstore for a special midnight release-minute signing of her new book, \”The Art of Asking\”, well – just had to go!

But first, I was out and about in the morning, getting some business done. Then back home, caught up on an episode of \”The 100\”. Still making a mental note to actually read the book. The TV series is…OK. It\’s pretty good, as TV science fiction goes. And overall I have enjoyed the storyline. It\’s a little on the brutal side on occasion, and some of the science is a little off, but there are some really good moments. I like watching good TV; like reading good stories, I think this helps writers make their craft better.

I got some writing in before dinner, about 1000 words, and then made delicious fish. Garlic butter and trout is a wonderful combination. My attempt at potato & leek soup was less successful. Too much pepper. Will try again, although I probably ought to just make a metal note to call my mother for the recipe.

Then it was off to the event with SO, who was the source of the information about the meet-up in the first place. We waited a fairly long time, with a swelling crowd. I was thinking there might be dozens of people coming – the event WAS mentioned at the last minute, you know. And not really well publicized. Dozens? Maybe scores? Small, casual, and…

No. HUNDREDS of people stacked up in the center of Harvard Square, waiting for the pair to arrive. Which they did, followed by songs, and chatter, including a happy birthday song for Neil that everyone joined in on. After, we marched from the Square to Porter Square, where everyone stood in line in 43 degree weather for several hours to wait for books to be signed.

Totally worth it.


They\’re an amazing couple. And amazing individuals. I was so pleased to be able to meet them both, and incredibly glad that I was able to be part of the folks who congratulated Amanda for her accomplishment. I got to thank Neil for the \”Make Good Art\” speech, too. Really, folks – everything you need to know to succeed in a career in pretty much any art – it\’s right there in that speech. Check it out.

Lovely SO only swooned twice over the course of the evening.


Was just once.

(Runs away.)

The people were great, too. I mean, the folks in line around us. One young woman next to us had a Tardis-blue ukulele, which Amanda had already signed. She got Neil to sign it as well. People sang, and talked, and were friendly, and helpful, and… Just awesome people. Some came from far away. Others from down the street. But for a little while there, everyone was together in just being part of something magical.

Fell into bed as soon as I got home, exhausted but exhilarated.

Which is the way every day ought to end, if you think about it.

Life is good.


Fiction words for the day: 1000 Fiction words for November: 12,700

Blog Words today:: 655 Blog Words for November: 4639

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