Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 11

\"writinginpublic\"Woke up this morning with great dissatisfaction with the amount of sleep I\’d had, but overwhelming satisfaction at the way I missed that sleep. Recall that I departed the book signing at about 3am. Home and into bed by 3:30, and asleep VERY rapidly. But with a 9am wakeup alarm, that was less sleep than I really would have liked.
Coffee helped.

Rolling out of bed because the kids had soccer – and better, they had a special World Cup game day. Which they enjoyed immensely, and one of them came *so* close to scoring a goal. She was very pleased with herself. Lots of pictures later, and then some playground time. Followed closely by the tradition of donuts at Duncan Donuts.

Then I went and did some essential housework for a few hours. SO was sleeping, and I didn\’t want to disturb her. So, housework. Boring, but necessary.

Then I made dinner – chicken sausages cooked, sliced, and fried up with green beans, diced brussel sprouts, pasta, and seasonings. Don\’t judge. Brussel sprouts are yummy, if cooked nicely with the right seasonings. 🙂

Finished an episode of Sherlock over dinner, and then on to some writing time. But wait – in the spirit of the evening before, I went back and re-watched Neil Gaiman\’s \”Make Good Art\” speech first. Because…that\’s NEVER a badly spent 20 minutes, folks. It\’s wonderful and inspiring. After, I popped onto my computer and put out 800 words before the lack of sleep from the night before finally caught up with me. Bedtime.

Fiction words for the day: 1000 Fiction words for November: 13,500

Blog Words today:: 267 Blog Words for November: 4906

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