Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 17

\"writinginpublic\"Today was all about the kids.
Took them out for the morning to a kids\’ art studio, where they got to lay paint all over plaster objects. Statues of Christmas trees, a santa face, a turkey, and a kitten all got painted. They had an amazing time. After that, it was off to lunch, and then on to an indoor playground – it\’s getting chilly here, and it was pouring, too. They played for hours, hanging out with other kids, and having a wonderful time. Even got to play a couple of games of Magic: the Gathering off on the side. They\’re united in the opinion that Phyrexian Processor is overpowered, so I\’ll probably pull it from my deck when I play with them. Sigh. What\’s wrong with having a 4/4 creature enter play every turn?

Then it was back home, and after dinner, I watched the final episode of Sherlock. Which was quite good, and… TWO MORE YEARS? How do Brits put up with it? I feel sad when I have to wait a few months for more episodes of a favorite show. TWO YEARS?

Then some writing. Finally. Got in a thousand words before calling it a night and off to bed. The next two days will be banner writing days, though – lots of time to get things done.


Fiction words for the day: 1000      Fiction words for November: 19,300 (4600 into the 4th episode)

Blog Words today:: 239     Blog Words for November: 7637

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