Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 21

\"writinginpublic\"Today was a little hectic. Got some writing done in the morning. Then some needed housework. Then off to work early, because the facility is changing uniforms for nurses, and I needed to check in and get sized for things. Then a work shift, home, and bed.
A thousand words done in the morning, though, so I am still getting some work in there.

Dean Wesley Smith has been talking lately on his blog about \”pulp speed\” in writing. Using the Star Trek \”warp speed\” as a corollary. It\’s fun, and funny. He\’s been saying that at \”only\” 80k words a month he\’s been plinking along at \”sub pulp\” speeds. And he\’s working his way toward \”pulp factor one\”, with the idea of seeing how fast he can go in the months ahead.

As usual, what an awesome challenge. 🙂

Writing speed has EVERYTHING to do with the hours you spend at the keyboard. Which is just disciplining your mind. Most writers think that the more you write, the worse your writing will get. Why is that, I wonder? I mean, do we assume that someone who practices piano for ten hours a day, five days a week, is going to be a piano hack, and never excel? Or do we assume that person is probably going to get good a lot faster than someone who is playing a couple of hours a week in his spare time?

Of course the pianist with more practice time is going to improve faster. We all know that.

Then why do we equate writing more with writing badly? What a silly mindset.

I look forward to seeing how fast – and good – I can get, too.


Fiction words for the day: 1000      Fiction words for November: 26,300 (11600 into the 4th episode)

Blog Words today::298     Blog Words for November: 8788

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