Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 22

\"writinginpublic\"Had an awesome writing day today. Finished episode four, and got cranking on the 5th. The morning and afternoon were periods of work broken up by periods of play. I got up – lazy morning, after a long work night. Checked email and played around on the internet for a little while. Then I got into some word count, got about a thousand words done before lunch. Had a nice meal. Went on to do more words. Took a break after another thousand to read for a bit. Then another 1500 or so words. Around 6pm I went out with SO, and headed downtown to watch Mockingjay.
Which was REALLY nicely done. I can think of a few spots which seemed a little rough. But overall, the movie captured the book quite well. Incidentally, the music is stunning, and as soon as it\’s available (can buy it overseas already, but not here? argh!) I\’ll be snagging a copy. \”The Hanging Tree\” is particularly haunting, and Jennifer Lawrence has a great voice.

Happy with those days when I get above 3k words done. Hopefully I will have more of them than not, soon!

Fiction words for the day: 3600      Fiction words for November: 29,900 (15100 into the 4th episode, done, 100 words into 5th)

Blog Words today::214     Blog Words for November: 9002

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