Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 24

\"writinginpublic\"Today was a no-writing day. Instead, today was all about the kids.
Off in the morning, intent on seeing a movie – which wasn\’t out yet. The kids were sort of bummed, but we decided we\’d shoot for the movie next week instead. I was secretly not really sad – because the movie they wanted to see was the silly penguins of Madagascar thing. It will be funny. I hope.

Went off to Friendly\’s for lunch. Also for planning. Needed to figure out something AWESOME to do. And we came up with some good ideas. We hit the Boston Aquarium IMAX for a 3D viewing of \”Lemurs of Madagascar\”. Had to get Madagascar in there somewhere, I suppose. 😉

The kids loved the film. After that, we jetted over to Lego Discovery World. Basically a big indoor playground with a Lego theme. Rides. Climbing area. Lego classes. Movies. Spent the rest of the afternoon there.

Like I said, a no-writing day. Was too tired after all that to really get any concentrated writing time in. But it was a GOOD day, anyway.


Fiction words for the day: 0      Fiction words for November: 32,000

Blog Words today: 203    Blog Words for November: 9612

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