Writing in Public, Too: NaNoWriMo Day 29

\"writinginpublic\"What an AWESOME day.

I got up on time, grabbed a shower, coffee, and breakfast. I got through my email in about half an hour, and got to work. I took breaks periodically, but the Raven story was blasting along at high speed, and I had about 3000 words done before lunch. I took a long break to make a really nice lunch, and eat away from the keyboard. Then back to it, and managed another 1500 words over the course of the hour or so I had before work.

Work was pretty relaxed, and I ended my shift with plenty of energy left. I sat down and worked some more, and got another 1500 words in! That finished off the Raven story – and a lot of that energy was in finishing. I just HAD to keep going, HAD to get the end down.

So I headed into today with a challenging 8000 words left to handle in two days. I exited today with 2000 words left to finish off tomorrow. Easy as pie.


Finishing…and Starting

I finished the Raven story today. It was almost exactly 18,000 words long. I like the story, like the ending. I think it was pretty strong, and it was fun to write, so I am hoping it will be fun to read.

And tomorrow, I am getting right back to episode 5 of the Arthur tale.

No breaks. No days off for finishing. Just back to the next story. And when that\’s done, I\’ll work on the next one, and the next.

I talk sometimes about the difference between a \”writer\” and an \”author\”. Despite the august connotations often associated with the latter, I prefer to call myself a writer. Because an author is someone who *has written*, and *has published*. A writer is someone who writes.

You can write one book, slap it up on Amazon, and call yourself an author. But \’writer\’ is a verb. 😉  You have to be actively writing to call yourself a writer.

So I celebrate each finished work – by starting the next work.

Because that\’s what writers do.


Fiction words for the day: 6000 Fiction words for November: 48,000

Blog Words today: 359 Blog Words for November: 11,069

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