Writing in Public, Too: Month 2, Day 1

\"writinginpublic\"Whew! The month is over. Time to relax, just a little. Today was a day to catch up with the kids some. Started off with a morning of artwork at a nice place downtown where they can paint ceramic and have it fired in a kiln, or do other things like build their own candle. Then on to watch \”Penguins of Madagascar\”, which was – thank goodness – more funny than the previews made it look. The kids loved it. After that, the rest of the day was spent enjoying the Lego Discovery Center. We left there to head home far, far sooner than they really wanted to leave. But that\’s OK, we\’ll go back again sometime soon.
So tired, after all of that, it was just time to kick back, eat a nice dinner, and watch some Game of Thrones (just finished the first season on Amazon instant video). No writing done today.


Fiction words today: 0     Fiction words for the month: 0

Blog words today: 168     Blog words for the month: 168

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