Writing in Public, Too: Month 2, Day 4

\"writinginpublic\"Not a lot to report today. It\’s my \”up at 6am, out till midnight\” work day. Which makes for a REALLY long day. Luckily, the place I work has really nice people in it, and I come home tired from these long shifts, but not burned out. I\’ve been in nursing jobs were it was just awful… Where I\’d come home at the end of the day wishing I could somehow never go back, and where I dreaded waking up for for each day. Crappy stuff.
This job is nothing like that, which I appreciate so, so much.

Anyway, no writing today. But I did notice that Dean Wesley Smith has started something new on HIS \”Writing in Public\” series (the original, and inspiration for this one). He\’s breaking his time out into categories for various types of activities. He\’s got Writing, Exercise, TV and Naps, and Day Job Work (which for him is the publishing end of his business).

It\’s cool. I thought about tracking it too. I\’ve decided to hold off for now. 😉 My day job is a fixed number of hours. And I\’m tracking my writing time (sort of) by doing this blog and showing my word count. The only things I might really add would be Writing Business stuff (covers, marketing, publishing, etc.) and maybe \”Storyteller Recharging\” (movies, TV, and reading fiction).

Would it be interesting to read that sort of breakdown? If there\’s enough reader interest, I\’ll start it up. Let me know!

Fiction words for today: 0     Fiction words for the month: 1500

Blog words for the day: 267     Blog words for the month: 1158

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