Writing in Public, Too: Month 2, Day 5

\"writinginpublic\"Spent all morning getting stuff done today. Fixed my EZPass account information, which took a LONG time on the phone, but the person I finally reached was very nice. Got my Comcast stuff dealt with, too. Basically a lot of little things that all needed to be caught up. I left after lunch to get to a meeting, which went fairly well – productive.
Then off to work, and home again after. It was a busier day than it sounds… I let a lot of small things stack up, and managed to handle a fair number of them.

Got in a little bit of writing this evening, before writing this and heading to bed. Not a ton – just 500 words.

But I did get a chance to read a REALLY fascinating article about writing.

\”Pulp Speed\”

Dean Wesley Smith has been making comments about \”Pulp Speed\”. Think Star Trek \”warp speed\”, but for writers with a serious work ethic. He\’s promised an article on the subject, and he finally posted it:

Dean Wesley Smith on \”Pulp Speed\”

I am, pretty obviously, not operating at pulp speed yet. He\’s using a million words a year as the metric. The bar for a writer producing at that level. And let me say – what an AWESOME goal!

Hey, we know writing is something you improve as you do it more. We know the best way to get better at writing is to write more. The more you write, the faster your skill improves.

And we know that the more books you put up for sale, the better your odds of actually making a living with this gig.

And we also know that the more books you get up, the happy your readers are – because readers who love your writing will ALWAYS read things faster than you can write them. They\’ll devour everything you write.

So writing more is good for you as a craftsperson/artist. It\’s good for you as a business owner. And it\’s great for your readers!

It is also something that flat out not all – or even most – writers can do. It\’s not something I can do. But it\’s something I\’d like to try to work toward.


Fiction words today: 500     Fiction words this month: 2000

Blog words today: 378     Blog words this month: 1536

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