Writing in Public, Too: Catching up (12/13)

\"writinginpublic\"Managed to fall a bit behind, so consider this a \”catch up\” post. I\’ll try to stay more on top of the blog moving forward.
When you saw me last, it was hanging with the kids on Monday. As I write this, it\’s Saturday! So what has happened since?

Tuesday was a stressful day, with a major meeting in the afternoon. I didn\’t get a lot of work done. Managed a thousand words in the evening. Wednesday was better, with 3k words completed. Felt very accomplished and back on track. I also did some editing work on the King of the Dead serial.

Thursday was the long 16 hour work day, which was ALL that I did that day. Friday, I got in 1000 words before heading out to work. And I\’ve managed 1000 words today, as well – heading off to work soon, but I\’ll update if I sneak in any more words later.

Sorry I fell a few days behind there. Sometimes, it\’s a challenge to sit down and get the blog updated. I\’ll try to make sure that I keep it going, though!


Fiction words today: 1000    Fiction words this month: 10,000
Blog words today: 185     Blog words this month: 3091

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