One Month, Over 75k Words

\"writinginpublic\"January was a good month.
I set the goal at the beginning of the year to produce 500 words of fiction – minimum – every day this year. The idea is to not miss even a single day. I can go over, but not under. At the end of the year, I\’d have a minimum of 182,000 new words, which would be more than I\’ve ever produced in a year before. It seemed like a solid central goal (I named some other goals, too, but this was the core one), because my main obstacle to success has always been consistency. I\’d skip a few days, then a few more, then suddenly two months would go by without accomplishing anything toward my writing career.

So how\’s that working for me?

I managed a complete success in January. I never missed even a single day. A few days I did just the goal – there were six days with 500-600 words, and about the same number where I did 601-750. But I never missed. And I think the focus on writing every day was HUGE for me.

January was my most productive writing month. Ever. I finished 75,250 new words.

Other stuff I did:
– Contacted 3 new potential editors, one or two of whom I will be working with in the near future.
– Finished a cover for the science fiction novel I wrote this month.
– Set up a second email list for ARC reviewers, and got 21 people to sign up and agree to review King of the Dead. I figure about one in five may eventually review it – ideally, I really want at least 50 people on the ARC list, but it\’s a start!
– Set up for the launch of King of the Dead 1, which just released today (technically, it was live on Amazon 10pm on 1/31/15, so it counts as a January thing, but I announced it as a February release).

I\’m REALLY happy with how this year is going so far. The next step is going to be to maintain the pace, or see if I can, anyway. Not sure if I can do \”my best month ever\” every month. I might slip back a bit. But so long as I maintain the daily count, I think I can continue to produce at a consistent, steady, solid pace.


If you\’d like to check out King of the Dead, you can find it on Amazon here!

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