King of the Dead: Episode 1 is here!

\"kingofthedead\"Drum-roll. Fanfare. And can I get an \”about time\”? 🙂
It\’s been a long time coming. I want to do this project justice, so the work has taken a while to get right. The first season will be six episodes, each a short novella. When the whole season is done, it\’ll be compiled into a full length (and quite long!) novel.

I\’m excited about this book. It\’s a serious step up for my writing, and it\’s a fun, interesting new idea. I\’m looking forward to playing around with King Arthur and his zombie foes for at least another two seasons.

Here\’s the \”back cover copy\”:

In 420 CE, Britannia is just recovering from Rome\’s abandonment. It’s a land on the edge of civilization, far from the center of the Empire. In our history, Britannia fought for over a century to defend itself against barbarian invaders.

It is a time of heroes. The age of Arthur.

But Saxons are not the greatest threat, in this time-line. Instead, a young Arthur must defend his home against a plague of the living dead. Revenants have wreaked havoc across the continent, and every man, woman, and child they slay rises to join them.

Now the dead are crossing the narrow sea to Britannia. Arthur must find a way to stave off the darkness and defend the land. For as the curse spreads around the world, Arthur and his people might not be fighting just to save themselves – they could be the one hope remaining for humanity to survive this dark time…


You can find the work on Amazon. See the link below! If you like the book, please leave a review – every review helps! If you\’d like to read about each new release when it comes out, you can sign up to be notified here:

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