Achievement Unlocked! Best Writing Year Ever

\"writinginpublic\"For me, 2014 was a banner writing year. I managed about 150,000 words over the course of the year. Most of that was in my King of the Dead serial – which has been releasing steadily over the last couple of months. Episodes 5-7 are ready to go, and Episode 8 is almost there too, so plenty more coming for that story. I also wrote a new novella set in the Blackwell Magic universe (with a new character) that still has to be released later this year, and some short stories. I was pretty pleased with the work, overall. It was my best writing year ever, in terms of word count. And about 80,000 words of that was in the last two months – 50k for NaNoWriMo in November, and another 30k in December.
This year, I set about some new goals, to improve my consistency and push for more productivity. I have more stories than I can write spilling out of my imagination, and I need to set aside the time to put them down in writing. So my goal? To write at least 500 words *minimum* every single day. That would be 180k or so for the year, which would make 2015 my best year ever.

I\’ve managed to make the 500 a day minimum every day this year, which is awesome. But the even better news is that I\’ve managed to exceed that goal more often than not. So at the end of the day yesterday (a work day, so only managed 900 words), my count for the year was 150,025 words.

Which officially makes 2015 my best writing year ever – and it\’s not even a quarter of the way through. At this point, if I just maintain the minimum, I\’ll reach something like 290,000 words. And I plan to do more than the minimum.

It\’s been an AWESOME year so far. I have a novel coming out shortly – the first King of the Dead compilation (episodes 1-4). That will be followed by a new science fiction novel \”Accord of Honor\”, and then I have the episodes 5-8 compilation coming out for King of the Dead this summer. And lots more coming down the pipe soon.

It is an amazing feeling to know you\’ve had your best professional year ever and you\’re only a quarter of the way through the year.

2015 is going to rock!

In other news: \”By Darkness Revealed\” is free right now on Amazon, Kobo, and Apple. B&N is being slow, but it should be free there soon too. It\’s my first novel release, several years old now, but the story remains a fast, fun read. Check it out if you haven\’t yet!


The sequel novella – \”The Raven and the Rose\” – is ALSO free with a sign up to my mailing list. It\’s an opt out list – you can leave any time (I don\’t want to bug people who are not interested) and I only use it to let people know about new books or special offers. You can snag that story here – it\’s a great Ryan Blackwell long short story.


Enjoy! 🙂

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