21-Day Novel: Day 1

I knew today was going to be a slow start, and – no shock – it was. I\’ve only finished 2000 words so far today. Mondays are my \”kids day\” – the day my children and I spend hanging out and having fun. Today consisted of: going with the kids to look at my new apartment together; playing with them in the playground down the street from the new apartment; lunch and Supergirl episodes (the twin girls, both 9, especially adore the show); then an afternoon of D&D with them. Yup, raising them right: outdoor play, superheroes, and fantasy roleplay!
Then dinner, and I finally got to work around 8pm or so. I hit the keys and got in some words, then rewarded myself by finishing the cover art for the book.

My word count target for today was 3000 words. I\’ve done up a day by day schedule to try to stay on track – because I\’ve got kids, and a full-time job, so some days I am going to have a lot of time – and others I will have next to none at all. Here\’s the schedule I worked out:

Start 2/22
Publish 3/13
Writing Targets:
Monday 2/22: kids – 3000
Tuesday 23: 6000
Wednesday 24: 6000
Thursday 25: work – 0
Friday 26: work – 3000
Saturday 27: 6000
Sunday 28: 6000
Monday 29: kids – 3000
Tuesday 3/1: 6000
Wednesday 3/2: 6000
Thursday 3/3: work – 0
Friday 3/4: work – 3000
Saturday 3/5: work – 3500
Sunday 3/6: work – 3500
Monday 3/7: kids – 3000
Tuesday 3/8: 6000
Wednesday 3/9: 6000
Thursday 3/10: work – 0
Friday 3/11: work – Edits
Saturday 3/12: Edits
Sunday 3/13: Edits and publish
Calling it quits for the day at 2000 words means I\’m about a thousand behind where I wanted to be today. I have a choice: I can stay up later, or I can get up early and get cracking early – bust out those extra words right off the bat. Which is the plan right now.
On the flip side, I DID finish the cover art, which was another piece of the puzzle the needed to be finished before I could publish. That took over an hour to wrap up – some tricky bits for getting the art just right. Here it is:


I\’d love to hear thoughts on the art. One comment I got on the cover for \”Accord of Honor\” was that the cover wasn\’t really as dynamic as it could have been. This one has that in spades. Big ships, shooting, explosions… I think it\’s one of my better jobs. It\’s retouched photos and images which have been licensed, but there was a LOT of retouching and merging of art involved, as well as a few unique flairs.

Off to bed now. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I\’ve got 7000 words to write, and I haven\’t done that many words in a single day in quite a while. I\’ll be busting them out.

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