21-Day Novel: Day 4

MC900446058Day 4 was one of those days that was all about “writing the novel you want in the time you have”, folks. Today I really WAS a “Coffee Break Novelist”.
I was up a few minutes after 6am. Got dressed, made coffee, grabbed a Kind bar and was off to work. At work at 7am, and left a few minutes before midnight. It was a LONG day. I knew going into this challenge that getting any words in on Thursdays was going to be tough, which is why when I did my daily plan I set the word goal for each Thursday at zero words. ANYTHING I can do on a Thursday in terms of writing is just gravy.

Despite the work hours, I do get two short breaks. During my break times, I managed to get in some words. Because even when it’s a long day, doing even a small bit of work on your project makes things seem that much better. Forward progress, even when things are rough, is vital to our mental well-being. In fact, the lift and feeling of accomplishment I get from working during those hard spots is far greater and more satisfying than what I feel when it’s easy.

Put in 1500 words on the novel on Day 4. I’m at about 16,392 words, or about 1400 ahead of schedule!

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