Pushing for Amazon Top 100 on Dark Legends!

\"cvjwamjwgaao-dr\"Hi! Big news: I\’ve got a book in a big boxed set of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels. With authors from the USA Today and NYT bestseller lists, this ebook \”boxed set\” is a the collected work of talented writers from around the world. It\’s an honor to have been included.
The set is full of some incredible books. I can\’t wait to read them all myself – and yes, I have already pre-ordered a copy so I can start reading the other books as soon as it\’s out!

We\’re shooting for the stars with this boxed set. With a little luck, it will break the USA Today bestseller list (a bunch of the authors in the book have already had books on that list). With a lot of luck we might actually break the NUY list, I\’m told.

But we need your help. We\’re doing a big push right now, trying to break the top 100 on Amazon. Every pre-order counts!

Thanks, and wish us luck!

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