And….we\’re on Patreon now too!

What\’s Patreon?
It\’s a service designed to help people patronize artists, writers, and musicians that they like. For a small fee (the user gets to decide how much they want to spend), the patron gets certain benefits or rewards back, and the artists get a steady income from people who enjoy their work.

Why Patreon?

In my case – patrons will get first dibs on new books, BEFORE they are available in any store. Different levels will give ebooks, postcards of the cover art, or even print editions. Again, all before people buying from stores actually get to see the books. This is my way of reaching out to you directly and giving special bonuses to fans who love my stories.

It lets me drop a copy of my book into your mailbox – in any format you want. People who support here at the $3 tier or higher will get a copy of the ebook format for every new book I produce, and they\’ll get them earlier than ANYONE else. That will almost always be at least one new book per month. This is also the ONLY way to get my books in ePub format (but you\’ll get the Kindle format too, if you prefer that!).

I\’ve got awesome rewards for the higher tiers as well. From postcards to signed paperbacks, I\’ve set things up so that readers who opt to pitch in at those levels will all have something cool as a benefit.

I\’ve wanted to tell stories for a living since I was seven. That\’s when I wrote my first short story. I\’ve come a long way since then, with over a dozen novels available. I\’ve got many more stories in me, though, and I look forward to sharing them all with you in the years ahead.

This one\’s for the special fan, who loves my books. It\’s a bonus, basically, for the folks who read everything and don\’t want to miss anything. If that\’s you, I hope you\’ll consider joining me on Patreon! Enjoy the stories!

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