21-Day Novel Challenge: Epilogue

Accord of MarsIt’s been a fun journey. I’m on Day 22 now, looking back. It’s been a challenging trip.

The goal: in 21 days, write, edit, and upload a novel.

Mission accomplished. The final book was uploaded to Amazon at about 10:30PM on the 21st day. Click to read more...

21-Day Novel Challenge: Day 10

Cover Art
And the grand total at the end of the day: 45, 062 words! It was a long battle, but I got in 6025 words to finish another day on target.

My biggest frustration right now, really, is that the story just isn’t as long as I was planning it to be. Click to read more...

21-Day Writing Challenge: Day 9 – Finding Balance

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As predicted, I did NOT hit my 6k target for today, making today the first day I didn’t reach the goal for words. But that’s OK – I had a 2400 word cushion already built up, which allowed me to take this afternoon and evening and spend a bunch of time seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and spending some extra quality time with Liz. Click to read more...