And Vermont's new NaNoWriMo "municipal liason" is…

The old ML had an attack of life and had to quit, after the deadline to apply as a new ML had already passed.  So we sat for a couple of weeks, no one really sure who would be organizing kickoff, the \”we did it\” party at the end, and write-ins during the month of November.  Finally, I just sent a letter to the Office of Letters and Light folks (the ones who run NaNo), and asked if they\’d consider placing someone now, even though the deadline for new MLs had already passed.
So they offered me the job.
Since I hated to think we\’d be missing an ML completely this year, I accepted.  So, I\’m now the ML for Vermont, responsible for organizing some events, and generally helping folks achieve the goal of writing a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.  While getting my own done, of course!
Going to be an interesting month for sure.  =)

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