Apologies about the virus warning

A long time ago, I had another domain, kevinwriting.com, which I had intended to use for this site. I swapped over to this one fairly early on, and I like having my full name in the URL. Just makes more sense.
When I switched over, I set the other one to auto-forward to this site. Either I messed up the forwarding script and Google just noticed it – or someone somehow got into the page and tweaked it. I suspect that Google just got more sensitive about a certain type of script.
But anyway, the old domain is nested with this one under the same hosting account, so both were tarred and feathered with the same brush when Google decided it disliked the script. The offending script has been removed, Google has been asked to review the site, so all should be good soon.
Just wanted to let anyone still coming through the big red screen that YES, the site is safe, and NO, you\’re not going to mess your computer up by coming here. Totally what I wanted to spend my day doing today, let me tell you.  😉

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