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A writing update!
So, after taking a little time off from writing in January, I got back to work again.  I\’ve temporarily set aside Accord of Honor – no worries, it\’s still coming.  But I wrote a short novel last November that, on first read, was in pretty good shape.  So I\’ve been hammering that into publishable condition.  I should be completing the semi-final revision today, after which it will go to beta readers.  Then last touch ups, and off to press.
I plan to have it available from ebookstores everywhere by the end of this month.
The novel follows the early adventures of Ryan Blackwell, a college student attending Northshield University, in Vermont.  Ryan can use magic, and those skills plunge him into a deadly series of encounters shortly after arriving on the campus.  As his understanding of magic increases, so too does the danger.
The book is about 45,000 words long, a short novel.  I have plans for a series of adventures based on these characters.  The second is already started – I\’m about 10k words in – and I\’ll be finishing that along with Accord once I have Darkness done.
In other news, I\’ve gotten four short stories completed so far this year.  One, I already mentioned here, got me into a writing workshop last month.  That one\’s been tweaked and is going out for submissions.  Another (a Ryan Blackwell short) will be published later this year in a SF&F anthology – working to get the Darkness novel out before the anthology is released is part of why I shifted focus.  And the others will be put out in ebook form shortly – an Accord prequel story, and a short about another character I created many years ago, who I may bring back for a longer work sometime soon.
So it\’s been a busy twelve days!  The progress has been excellent, and I\’m looking forward to moving ahead with increasing energy.  Lots to do, lots of stories to tell.

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