Challenge Day 2

Today was a bit more challenging. I ran smack into the great foe of outdoor dictation: rain.

Well, first it was wind, and lot of it. The breeze grew strong enough that it disrupted Dragon Anywhere’s ability to translate my words effectively. Then the rain started up. Not a huge downpour, but it was enough to get annoying.

Not to be deterred by something as mundane as a rainstorm, I moved my work inside the Prudential Mall. This wasn’t much better than outside, to be honest. The crowds there made dictation as challenging as the rain. Despite that, I carried on and still managed about 4800 words. I’ll need to pick up the pace some as I go along, but I’m continuing to improve at my words per minute.

Speed will come with the and practice.

It’s been nice seeing all the responses to my first video about the challenge. Everyone has been incredibly supportive. Thank you!

Oh, and I made 16,842 steps. I’m getting ahead on the walking, at least!

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