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I\’m a regular reader over at Dean Wesley Smith\’s blog.  His writing is very author-publishing focused, and his website is an incredibly informative collection of articles about the business of writing fiction.
But his wife, Kristine Rusch, writes a blog as well.  Hers has a tendency to be more generically business focused, and as a result I\’ve been a little remiss in my reading there.  Dean\’s posts just seemed more pertinent to what I\’ve been doing, and there\’s only so many hours a day I can spend reading blogs if I want to get my own work done!
That said, there\’s some new articles over on her site which are extremely pertinent, and extremely informative.  She\’s writing a series directly on the publishing industry and how recent and upcoming changes are impacting upon it.  She\’s writing from decades of experience as a writer, editor, and publisher herself.  As a result, her articles have a powerful ring of truth to them, and a depth of background knowledge sadly lacking in many other posts on the subject cropping up around the blogosphere.
Seriously worth a read for anyone interested in writing and publishing today.  Also worth reading for folks who are just avid readers, as these changes will have effects on how we as readers acquire new books in the future, and how book publishing as an industry adapts to the new realities facing it today.
Here are links to the series.  I strongly recommend reading them in order:

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