Darkness Cover Art

\"\"Second draft of the cover art for By Darkness Revealed.  Next version will see a few tweaks, but the art is almost there, I think.  I\’m pretty pleased with the overall effect, to be honest – simple whitespace, iconic imagery, bold and easy to read fonts.  This is for the ebook cover – the print version will use similar art and layout, obviously with spine and back cover material as well – and the monster wraps around the spine onto the back, for the print version.
The image, of course, is the big nastie that Ryan has to face as part of the story.  Or a stylized version of it, anyway.  In By Darkness Revealed, Ryan Blackwell is a new student at the private military college Northshield University.  Ryan has some past experience with magic, but what he runs into during his first months at the University challenge his skills and his willpower to their utmost.  Because the campus holds an ancient secret, and something sinister stirs in the darkness…
It\’s really nice to see things coming together.  So, what do you think of the art?  I\’ve got similar art lined up for the next two stories, with a stylized image for the focus of each.

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