Feed The Birds

As you can see by the photo, I’ve got some new friends!

We just moved from one apartment to a brand new one. Still in Boston, but it’s a nice change of location for us. We’re in a brick building now, right on the street, instead of high in the sky. And we’ve got cute little birds that hang out all over the street.

Our move-in day was last Wednesday, but starting Thursday I began feeding them out our window. Before long, word spread, and now whenever I open the window we get at least a few dozen little birds all hopping over for seeds.

(Always use a proper food for birds, not breadcrumbs or such. We want to help make them healthy, not feed them junk food!)

Anyway, the move is over, and the month is almost over, and it’s been something of a slog. Far from getting all the tons of work I’d planned for this year, I’m actually well behind most months in 2020. That’s the move impacting my work. Every box I filled to pack the old place up, the whole day lost for the move itself, and all the unpacking… It adds up. Overall the move chewed up a ton of my time, so I’m not going to do very well on my goals for this month.

And…that’s OK.

It’s OK to have something come up that slows us down. It’s OK to miss targets, especially if you understand why you missed them. The key is then getting back up and on track as soon as you can.

So February is probably going to be the month where I try to really kick things up a notch. We’ll have to see how it goes, but I’m expecting big things from the month ahead!

But remember that it’s OK to have life toss you challenges that impact your art.

And it’s OK to take the time to take care of yourself, during those days.

Feed a bird. I find it helps take away a ton of stress. 🙂 

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