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Dire Straits (a short story)

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Kara never wanted to be out in the middle of the action. Behind the scenes working with her computers was more her favorite spot. So how did she end up zipping across the solar system in a Cymtarran shuttle on a desperate mission with a haughty pilot who won’t even talk to her?
Aeron witnessed his planet blow to bits. He has nothing to offer the beautiful woman sitting next to him in the cockpit, no matter how much he wants to. He is landless, of low rank, and can’t possibly be of any interest to her – a set of facts that makes him miserable. She’s the most amazing female he’s ever met, but how can he be anything to her?
This mission is critical to the success of the Terran-Cymtarran alliance. It must succeed.
But the Skree – alien invaders capable of destroying whole worlds – are waiting for them.

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