Interviewed by BCWoods

\"\"A little over a week ago, writer and fellow Twelve Worlds contributor BC Woods asked me if I\’d be interested in a long interview-slash-discussion over on his blog. He presented a list of topics he wanted to talk about that looked really interesting, and he complimented me outrageously, so I said \”sure\”.  😉
I have to admit, I was really curious walking in how a co-written Google Docs article would feel. I\’ve been listening to Joe Konrath talk about using Docs for real time collaboration between writers on new fiction, which sounded pretty amazing. He obviously enjoys working that way, and this was my first chance to co-write something on Google Docs. The experience was interesting – I think fiction would be even more so.
So we talked about a whole bunch of things, ranging from strengths of traditional and indie publishing, to talking about how to deal with the perceived \”legitimacy gap\” for indies and working on professionalism in our publishing efforts. And then we got a little farther afield on some topics, talking about quality, awards, professional writing organizations, and more.
It\’s a fun interview.
It\’s also almost 8000 words. Grab a good cuppa something before sitting down to read it. 😉
Here\’s the interview.

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